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Hello Ladies if you decided to be a professional high class escort then you are in the right place.

You are dreaming to make big money, travel a lot, to have all the best and to meet richest men then just read all the information below about what you get and what we expect, make your decision and write us.

We seek stunningly beautiful ladies with faultless conduct, the sense of humor and unique personality who want to develop their skills and ready to learn some new for the finer things in life.

What we expect from escort-ladies:

  • You need to be 18 years old or older, but not younger
  • You need to have an international passport, arranged Schengen visa ( or you need to have all necessary papers to arrange it in the future)
  • You need to know English (French, Spanish, German or some other foreign language) even basic knowledge is fine.
  • If you are beautiful young lady 18-30 years old. Model, girl who are busy in different kinds of art. Stunning and attractive. Even if you are beyond the standards send your photos. Remember different people have different standards of beauty.
  • Your appearance, style and personality make you amazing. You need to be in a great shape; your skills in dressing and make up must be faultless. You must remember that those who look more attractive and glamorous have more clients and more popular. Present yourself as well as you can and make more money.
  • Your intelligence is important. Always try to learn more, be open-minded and adventurous.
  • Naturally professional photos.  You need to have the professionally made photos with a minor photo editing and these photos are current within last 6 month. Your chances at being successful are much better with recent, natural and high quality photos.
  • Your motivation, dreams and desire to work must be strong. Escorting can allow you to fulfill all your dreams and hopes.
  • Communication skills and positive attitude is important. It is always nicer to have a deal with people who are able to do their job with enthusiasm. We do not work with crybabies and lazybones.
  • If you want to work in the elite escort agency it is important to follow some easy rules that we have to be successful and irreplaceable part of a team.

And it doesn’t matter if you are professional or just making first steps in escorting, if you see yourself in these criteria go on and write us or give us a call.

What you get and what we offer:

We are always looking for new faces. We are offering an advantageous cooperation to young and attractive ladies who have a strong desire to work in the field of escort services.

  • Most of our clients are business professionals, very serious and wealthy people, athletes, artists etc. So you always meet interesting men and develop your connections as well.
  • Your contacts and appointments are taken care off. Our escort agency always supports in organizing your appointments, booking travel and helps you to be prepared for your dates.
  • We are making sure that you are safe and secured. It is our priority.
  • Discretion, trust and honesty are essential. You expect that we and the clients will be honest and discrete these are the basic standards in this kind of a job and we want the same level of trust back from you.
  • Our agents are always ready to help you. We never leave you during your date or travel booking. You can call all the time when you have questions in different kinds of situations.
  • Coordination of your work is provided by phone calls, with sms or in skype.

Dreams may come true and the job may be fun with great earnings and lots of benefits.

If you want this, then just write to us and send your photos.

If you are meeting our criteria will connect with you as soon as possible.